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Preface Daniele Dalli

 Cover by Paolo Galetto


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When consumers get creative embraces the challenge in which marketers address consumers’ creative resources instead of their unmet needs.

When consumers get creative draws from the most recent and relevant scientific literature and explores, through case studies and illustrative examples, the universe of creative consumers who creatively transform resources by modifying, tinkering and experimenting with almost any product.

When consumers get creative unveils how individual and creative collective processes are not always linear, conscious, harmonious and under the company’s control. This study supports that the role of the manager changes from that of instigator to orchestrator of multiple stakeholder interactions. 

It is recommended for academics, managers, and professionals who are attracted by the idea that consumers have the ability to creatively contribute to marketing activities, and intend to harness such opportunity. It addresses the key question of how organizations can stimulate, manage and reward consumers for producing these inventive works.

I dissuade readers who deny the idea that consumers possess the potential resources to generate new and useful products/services and believe, instead, that company’s professionals are the only actors in innovation processes. This book is not for managers who are only interested in going to great lengths to secure their proprietary systems to discourage such activities.