Copertina Armenia

by Stefano Armenia

Preface by Edoardo Mollona

Cover by Gennaro Purpo


Preview filetype pdf

Doi: 10.19245/25.05.bs.077


The value of Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in the management of complex organizations examines, through the analysis of some case studies, the added value from thinking in systems as well as dynamic modeling and simulation in the management of complex organizations.

The value of Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in the management of complex organizations goes initially through the historical evolution of organizational theories up to the systemic perspective of organizations and socio-economic systems introduced by Jay W. Forrester in 1961. Then it moves to analyze the impact that the Systems Thinking and System Dynamics approaches have on decisional theories. After an extended parade of case studies extracted from various application fields, the volume ultimately shows how such modeling approaches allow for the development of a fundamental perspective to analyze problems and issues in modern complex organizations: the Smart Model-based Governance framework.

Reading this book is recommended to students, academics and professionals: the adopted language greatly reduces technicalities so to make its content easily understood independently of the reader’s background. It is clearly aimed at a wide and multidisciplinary readers’ base

Reading this book is not advised for those who, even if aware of the descriptive power of a rational and multidisciplinary approach, aimed at the management of complex organizations, do not believe in the potential of a sound methodology and prefer relying on old vertical theoretical models.