Copertina Indiscipline O limpresa o la vita SICCA

 As part of the joint initiatives between EURAM SIG_01 Business for Society, puntOorg International Research Network, and the Scuola Superiore Meridionale (SSM), the class on the lawn will take place on the occasion of the Annual EURAM Conference in Bath, June 25-28, 2024, 'Fostering innovation to address grand challenges'. In addition to the Ph.D. students of SSM, the lesson is open to anyone interested in participating.

 Based on the paper by Luigi Maria Sicca and Teresina Torre, titled “On the Sidelines of the Manifesto 'The Enterprise We Want (A New Enterprise in a New Economy) [A margine del Manifesto “L’impresa che vogliamo (una nuova impresa in una nuova economia])” the discussion chaired by Giovanni Masino, will include Davide Bizjak (University of Naples Federico II), Domenico Napolitano (Scuola Superiore Meridionale), Luca Pareschi (Roma, TorVergata University), Daniela Pianezzi (University of Verona), and Elena Raviola (University of Gothenburg).

Whatever your academic affiliation or your geographic origin, The class on the lawn is open to absolutely everyone—that is, anyone who wishes to participate: PhD students, weary and elderly scholars, ambitious researchers, and reclusive thinkers. Thinking together on the lawn is, after all, wonderful. We look forward to seeing you on the lawn.

On the Sidelines of the Manifesto - Sicca&Torre - download filetype pdf

The class on the lawn will take place on June, 27th, hoping it won't rain. And to find out in which meadow we will meet [after all, there are so many meadows in the UK], and at what time [after all, every day has 24 hours], Please send a WhatsApp message to the following number: +39 320 6975157.

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So, basically, we're starting off a bit .., decaf.