En attendant… wonders about how delicate and important is the relationship between “being" a scientific community and "participating" to the life of a scientific community.

En attendant… is a cycle of international seminars. A cloistered experience. To be together, with a high level of focusing.

En attendant… aims to prepare the academic community and its members for competition at the international conferences of leading international scientific societies. A year-round 365 days.

En attendant… is based on the awareness of how complex the relationship between means and ends always is: in the history of philosophy as well as in the theories and practices of Law and Organizing. When “being" a scientific community, gives weight to the importance of the processes that engenders research products.

En attendant believes that the internationalization of research is both an object and a method and pays great attention to the processes (how-to-do), as well as on the results and performances (what to do/get). When "participating" to the life of a scientific community means constructing-togheter significant research products that represent effectively the result of an underlying research endeavor.

En attendant... sessions, We as puntOorg do not use to "defend our paper". We strongly believe that a researcher should know how to listen critically, and after having listened to others, going on "work on it". Doing exactly this, standing by and "working on it" is, nowadays, perhaps the missing piece among adults in permanent competition... en attendant.

En attendant… provides the opportunity for participants to publish their work in progress in pIJ.

En attendant... is a project designed and developed by Luigi Maria Sicca and carried out twice a year togheter with Edoardo Mollona and Luca Zan within puntOorg International Research Network.

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