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Ant versus lion - How students on different levels perceive employee-employer relationship

Mentee: Agnieszka Postula

Mentor: Mary Phillips


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Doi: 10.19245/25.05.wpn.2.1.1

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Widening the leadership mythology: in the search for Simorgh

Mentee:Hamid Foroughi, Wenjin Day

Mentor: Luc Peters


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Doi: 10.19245/25.05.wpn.2.1.2

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Fighting zombies: stories of struggling, surviving, resisting and belonging in a dying organisation.

Mentees: Bob Townley

Mentor: Barbara Quacquarelli


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Doi: 10.19245/25.05.wpn.2.1.3

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Playing with Vincent-the-Duck in the work space: Physical, playful artefacts as totems of organizational symbolism

Mentee: Kristiina Borg, Katriina Heljakka

Mentor: Anthony Yue


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  Doi: 10.19245/25.05.wpn.2.1.4 

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Accounting in organizational change: a Practice Theory approach

Mentee: Paola Trevisan

Mentor: Idlan Zakaria


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Doi: 10.19245/25.05.wpn.2.1.5

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Can mechanical doping be justified in professional cyclists’ modern work environment?

Mentee: Charlotte V. L. Smith 

Mentor: Andrea Piccaluga


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Doi: 10.19245/25.05.wpn.2.1.6