Copertina Noncori Loughran r

by Ilaria Boncori and Tracey Loughran

Foreword Anthony Forster 

Cover Emilio Marroni


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Doi: 10.19245/25.05.bs.069


 Sezione Ricerche

 This book gathers personal experiences, research and teaching practice on 69 health and wellbeing.

This book highlights the interdependency of health and wellbeing and the intersectional character of those two topics.

This book recognizes that health and wellbeing are two aspects of our lived experience which contribute to the blurring of personal and professional spheres, and can never really be disconnected.

The focus of this book is on stressing how the establishment, maintenance and fostering of good health and wellbeing are absolutely paramount in everybody’s life.

The lens used is interdisciplinarity, which highlights different and complementary perspectives on health and wellbeing, shedding light on key issues and transformative opportunities.

We suggest reading this book to those who want to explore how health and wellbeing can be sources of both discrimination and inclusion, enacted at the individual, group and systemic levels.

We dissuade readers from thinking of health and wellbeing in binary categories of good/bad or poor/plentiful, and instead encourage the development of a continuum of more nuanced understandings taking into account changes over time, socio-cultural differences and equality.