Stefano Armenia is Senior Research Fellow, Link Campus University. He actively participates to En attendant.., International Conferences. He has contributed to puntOorg with The value of Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in the management of complex organizations and "Pensare per sistemi: la chiave delle moderne organizzazioni intelligenti" in La Quinta Disciplina (Italian edition by Luigi Maria Sicca).

Furthermore, Stefano has contributed to pIJ (in "The Challenge of Sustainable Development for organisations: the role of Model-based frameworks through systemic approaches") with:

A Systemic Perspective on Racism in Football: The Experience of the BRISWA Project (together with Camillo Carlini, Jason Papathanasiou, Alessandro Pompei and Georgios Tsaples);

Training in Systems Thinking and System Dynamics as an Effective Way to Tackle Complexity in the Management of Organisations (together with Alessandro Pompei and Annamaria Vecchio).