We as puntOorg pay great attention to the relationship between means and ends, both when we deal with organizational and managerial practices, and when we go to the root of organizational and managerial issues, investigating what lies under the way we do our research, questioning ourselves on the epistemological and methodological premises that, consciously or unconsciously, guide our work. 

Being aware of how complex the relationship between means and ends always is (in the history of philosophy as well as in the theories and management practices),  we believe that the internationalization of research is both an object and a method. We pay great attention to the processes  (how to do), as well as on the results and performances (what to do/get).

This section of our website explains how we do internationalization in organization studies and management studies. For this reason, here we collect some of our experiences within Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS) and we invite the navigator of puntOorg International Research Network website also to consult our SCOS - Searching Collectively for Our Soul within the book series section.

SCOS 2020


The main organizers are Annette Risberg, Sara Louise Muhr and Christian Garmann Johnsen. The conference will be hosted by the Department of Management, Society and Communication, the Department of Organization and the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), as well as the CBS Business in Society Platform for Diversity and Difference.


Culture and Organization

The Special Issue "Carne -  Flesh and organization" has been published as Volume 25 Issue 4 on Culture and Organization, edited by Ilaria Boncori (University of Essex), Jo Brewis (The Open University), Luigi Maria Sicca (University of Naples Federico II), Charlie Smith (University of Leicester).

The call for paper has been emerged from the 35th Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism, held in Italy, at La Sapienza University, 10th-13th, July 2017.

SCOS 2019 call for papers 001

Conference organisers: Lynne Baxter, Carolyn Hunter, York Management School. 

York has made claims to be one of the most haunted cities in the UK and Europe, with a long history dating from medieval times and numerous ghost stories telling evocative tales of ancestors past and present. Ghost Research Foundation International (2002) labelled York the most haunted city in the world with 504 hauntings around the city. The city contains many historical locations with ghostly histories, including stories of Roman soldiers marching through the cellars of the Treasurers House and the story of Thomas Percy who staggers through the graves at Goodramgate searching for his decapitated head. We invite you to join us at SCOS 2019 in York to explore the ghostly side of organisational life.

7. Flesh CFP final version 001

"Carne -  Flesh in organizations" is the theme of the 35th Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism.

This conference will be held in Italy, at La Sapienza University, 10th-13th, July 2017. The conference organizing commettee includes Ilaria Boncori (University of Essex), Jo Brewis (University of Leicester), Mauro Gatti (University La Sapienza), Edoardo Mollona (University of Bologna), Luigi Maria Sicca (University of Naples Federico II) and Charlie Smith (University of Leicester).

In addition to our conference presentazions and events, this year SCOS will also take the opportunity to look into the SCOS body and its history, from 1980 onwards ....


6. Scos 2016

Starting from 2016, SCOS offers an opportunity to all delegates to be part of the Working Paper Nursery (WPN) led by Luigi Maria Sicca (University of Naples Federico II) and Ilaria Boncori (University of Essex).

The aim of our WPN is to foster academic collaboration by offering collegial support and mentoring before, throughout, and after SCOS 2016, in order to facilitate publication in high quality journals and edited volumes; our Nursery seeks to create international and multi-disciplinary synergies between authors and mentors who can collaborate on papers or academic chapters through the puntOorg online platform, where extended abstracts of approximately 500 words are made available (to ensure confidentiality). Attendance is voluntary - do not hesitate to ask for more information and/or submit your abstract to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5. CFP SCOS2016 Uppsala 001

The Animal is the theme of the 34th Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism, July 11-14, 2016, Uppsala University, Sweden.

This conference also inaugurated the presence of the puntOorg working paper nursery in SCOS conferences.