We as puntOorg pay great attention to the relationship between means and ends, both when we deal with organizational and managerial practices, and when we go to the root of organizational and managerial issues, investigating what lies under the way we do our research, questioning ourselves on the epistemological and methodological premises that, consciously or unconsciously, guide our work. 

Being aware of how complex the relationship between means and ends always is (in the history of philosophy as well as in the theories and management practices),  we believe that the internationalization of research is both an object and a method. We pay great attention to the processes  (how to do), as well as on the results and performances (what to do/get).

This section of our website explains how we do internationalization in organization studies and management studies. For this reason, here we collect some of our experiences within  European Academy of Management (EURAM).

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As mentioned in the post below, it follows our topic for the next EURAM conference. We invite our community to submit papers for EURAM - Lisboa 2019, before than January 15th, 2019.

The track put arts at the core of ‘business for society' research.

Sig 01: Business for Society

Topic: Arts for Business and Society

Proponents: Davide Bizjak, Birgit H. Jevnaker, Wuendelin Küpers, Luigi Maria Sicca and Luca Zan

Deadline for submission: 15th January 2019

In this track we welcome contributions that put arts at the core of ‘business for society’ research. Although Art Management is acknowledged as a research field for around thirty years, it has suffered from the dominance of the North-American Business School model within the broader context of the management establishment as an academic discipline, in the aftermath of the WWII.

NewsEuram october 2016 001The commitment in fostering communities continues after each EURAM annual conference and before the next one. We  shared within EURAM October Newsletter our Working Paper Nursery, in order to achieve a wider understanding of our ethos. Many of the authors already involved in the track Power, Resistance and Critical Management (please see below) have enjoyed WPN both as mentors and mentees. Our space, where ideas grow and compete on international base, is open to interested scholars who believe that debate and sharing are the best ways to achieve good results.


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ST 01_03 Institutional change, Power, Resistance and Critical Management

As mentioned in the posts below, it follows our standing track for the next EURAM conference. We invite our community to submit papers for EURAM - Glasgow 2017, before than Jenuary 10th, 2017.


The track addresses the paradox of institutional change, the resistance that the change faces and the contradictions that it incites or reveals.

When addressing institutional change, literature emphasizes the role of power. Institutional agency is understood as the power to change institutions countervailing resistance to change.

The track investigates the issues of institutional change, power and resistance. This latter interpreted as both the institutional work of elites to maintain their hegemony and exploitative power, and the one enacted by dominated actors that resist exploitation and hegemony processes.

Paris Call for paper Papaer 001The standing track Institutional Change, Power, Resistane and Critical Mangement  is the last step of an enduring process, as shown by the previous posts. In 2016 the proponent group was enriched through the partecipation of a number of Chairs coming from several universities across the globe. Thanks to this widened partecipation, we have received more than 40 papers in response to our Call For Paper. This experience is encouraging the creation of some additional projects related or inspired by the standing track. In particular, the Symposium Art, entrepreneurship and resistance, co-sponsored by the SIG Business and Society and Entrepreneurship, was organised to further explore key concepts and research opportunities.

 Following these steps, we are planning our and fostering discussions for the next Euram conference 2017, which will be held in Glasgow.




Varsavia-2015-Call-for-topic-final 001  An international research project  born in 2014-2015 from an idea of Luca Gnan, and implementation by Luigi Maria Sicca and Edoardo Mollona. This project focuses on a number of topics: power, resistance, hegemony, institutional change, symbolism and agency. We worked to construct a proposal to be presented as part of the European Academy of Management (EURAM), within the SIG 01 "Business for Society". We deemed this SIG ideal also in order to give our project an added political  layer of meaning.

After a long and complex gestation period, we defined both the contents of the track and the organising chair group: scholars who are motivated to share this experience with us. This experience was formalized in a first call for papers, entitled "Institutional resistance: War of positions and Power maintenance", presented at he 15th Annual EURAM Conference in Warsaw on 17-20 June 2015. This section ("Conferences") of our website provides information about some of the initiatives we have put in place since 2015.