copertina mollona

   by Edoardo Mollona

Foreword Gianluca Colombo

Afterword Davide Secchi

Cover Matteo Graziani


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Doi: 10.19245/25.05.bs.017

Sezione ricerche

We invite the researcher who is willing to explore the repertoire of methods available for research to read this book.

The reader is none the wiser for being told that a panoply of conceptual tools and methodological approaches are available for doing research. Yet, as the Latin comedy writer Plauto suggested in the 200 B.C., Sine pennis volare haud facile est, that is, it is not easy to fly without feathers. The book adds a further feather to the gamut of tools a researcher has at his/her disposal.

We thus suggest reading the book to all those that have a tendency to explore avenues not necessarily widely known.

We dissuade the researcher who has devoted all his/her live to strengthen a specific research approach from reading the book. The idea that different research logics can be blended may result disruptive at times.

This book is not a manual. It rather is a guide into a partially unexplored territory. Perhaps, this book is an introspective guide as well, to help researchers, who have employed computer simulation in their studies, to make sense and corroborate their attitudes and inclinations.

We hope this map will help the readers to get lost.