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General Editors

Luigi Maria Sicca and Chiara Mallozzi


puntOorg notebooks are the place for technique.

puntOorg notebooks are artefacts, artis and factum, the effect of art: a state of mind that meets the means for carrying out actions that generate other actions, even before perceptions.

puntOorg notebooks are slim objects: to discuss how critical is the question of how to do things.

puntOorg notebooks are an opportunity. For civilisation and the development of subjectivity: always intertwined and, at the same time, means and scope.

puntOorg notebooks collect techniques: instrumental, learning, computing, gaming, listening, and thinking techniques. And not only.

puntOorg notebooks contribute to the declination of multiple identities between forms and pluralism of knowledge.

puntOorg notebooks invest in moulding the mind, an evolution of both a physical and military exercise.

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