block is a space where people can take notes.

block is a site for original insights.

block is the concrete social block.

block is the well-known block: between parents and their offspring.

block is when young generations are less wise than older generations, and the latter are older but not the wiser.

block is the absence of social spaces.

block is the unexpected roadblock.

block is the lack of social time.

block is the dread of death.

block is the dread of love.

block is before and during my beeng examined.

block is lack of genuine unlocking, after the exams.

block brings together painters, musicians and photographers. Poets. Stories that are to be written.

block is a way of building bridges across and among people, who are learning to progress en bloc. Without focusing on details that can place a block.


Form and Format

While the publishing industry has re-organised itself by using different media,


  • organises spaces for young and older people, away from any obsessive control coming from any kind of block
  • provides incomplete sheets of paper to flick through and sketch ideas on
  • collects studies, one for each sheet of the sketching block
  • starts with a brief foreword by a Block mentor
  • ends with a brief afterword by an expert far from the Block experience.


Going through the block, through the eyes of the other, could create an un-block.

Going through the block, through plural semantic gestures, can ensure the investment on the unescapable block.

block is designed and developed by Luigi Maria Sicca within puntOorg projects as  a section in the catalogue of the Editoriale Scientifica publisher.



logo BLocco2

by Paolo Valerio

logo BLocco2#1

by Luca Carnevale

logo BLocco2#3

per Raffaele Cercola

logo BLocco2#4

di Fabrizia Cesarano