Attashh ... is a paper clip that holds multiple papers

Attashh ... binds stories of meaning and dissent

Attashh ... is a way of being. Together, in crisis: discussing and discerning. Criticizing

Attashh ... crosses entrepreneurial paths and life. Nuances that different scholars can draw. Nuances that can sketch scholars as well. Through languages and language: words, sounds, writings. Gestures to interpret

Attashh ... is a pin: it unscrews the smallest screw, it opens doors and gates. It extracts cartridges, frees spaces. Even the narrowest ones

Attashh ... is a cycle of sessions promoted and realized by the puntOorg Association that couple plural declinations of research. Articulating traces: horizontal, vertical, ineffable. Rare

Attashh ... with its universal properties says that being musicians, economists, musicologists, scientists, philosophers can mean things that are not at all equal. Not only them. Nor just among them. However, peculiar

Attashh ... believes in the value of shhh ...

because silence is everything: listening, production of semantic glances, recognition of the other

because silence opens the door to innovation

because silence is a source of restlessness, a precious opportunity state something

because silence is “in and for” the contemporary world. Inside and outside, beyond waiting

Attashh ... surrounds our symposia: in color, in white, in black. Beyond this or that time. Questions at the source of long-lasting, durable knowledge. Work in progress, constant commitment, construction of a possible cohabitation. Others are not to be excluded a priori

... doing so, in this way, puntOorg

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Look in one glance: Attashh ...: the sound at a glance - 2021- 2022 


Note di geometria elementare Nolfe puntOorg

44 poesie Mallozzi puntOorg


 Sylvano Bussotti puntOorg

 La voce artificiale puntOorg

 Agostino Di Scipio puntoorg


 Le sorgenti inaudibili del suono      





"Attash ... the sound at a glance" is produced and realized by the puntOorg Association with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture - General Direction for Education, Research and Cultural Institutes (Ministero della Cultura – Direzione Generale Educazione, Ricerca e Istituti culturali). 

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