The dominance of the English language in many research fields and the influence of the American Business School model in the spread of management as a modern academic discipline have been crucial  after WWII.

puntOorg gives a deeper meaning to the choice of language used for publication, since using one language rather than another is by no means a neutral choice when concerned with the ways in which a research project is undertaken.

puntOorg believes that the use of any one language is closely bound up with the way in which researchers structure and communicate their thoughts and research hypotheses. This is indeed an important difference between langue and parole, language as system and as behaviour. Thinking and writing in English, for example, implies adopting mental processes and research approaches which would be different if the prevailing language were French, Spanish, Arabic or Chinese. Using a language means opting for one system of thought rather than another, which is a “history of meanings” which tends to orient a thought process in one sense rather than other possible ones.

Being aware of this, puntOorg has two strands of publication: the Book series and the Working papers nursery. Both encourage the presentation of papers in line with our puntOorg philosophy.